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Start thinking about your Health Early. Give Nutrition a Thought. Add a Fruity Twist To Your Life. Celebrate health With Us.

We are continuously working on improvements to our product. We cannot wait for you to be a part and help us deliver a better product. We value your suggestions and promise to work on them for a product that you would love as it would be for you by you.
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Wonder What a Bottle of Happiness is Called?

Introducing Nutrink!

Did you know in order to stay healthy, the recommended amount of fruit is 3 servings per day? 3 servings do not mean 3 plates of fruits. One serving is as small as 1 medium sized apple or 1 large banana or 32 grapes or 1 small wedge of watermelon or ½ cup of dried fruits. Even though it sounds simple in text and feels delicious to imagine chewing it, we generally do not take the pain in cutting the apple or peeling the orange and cleaning the knives after that.

Let us take a flashback and remember if one of these incidents have happened to us:
  • When you are on a run skipping breakfast and your mom secretly stuffs a fruit in your bag and reminds you to have it on the go, you know what happens? As a result, two days later only the fruit puree is left in our bag.
  • At airports, at railway stations or even at our desks, when we start hearing the grumble from stomach, we give ourselves an excuse to buy snacks like Kurkure or Lays or oh wait, a healthier choice? Packaged fruit juices (Seriously? Have you gone through the sugar content and compared it with the tiny protein or vitamin you get from it?).
  • When you really wanted to give your kid a healthy snack but you run out of options because your little sunshine doesn’t like milk or bananas or oranges or apples?
  • And the day you decide to be healthy but are skeptical about all the heavily marketed products in the shop?

Considering these similar situations. We at Nutrink, took these little but day to day problems in our hands and decided to create a completely scientifically backed up bottle of health and tasteNutrink is derived from the goodness of fruit pulp and milk proteins which helps you stay healthy and gives you a tasty Breakfast/Snack option. Even though there is no added sugar, you will not miss the natural sweet note from a mango or banana! We do not have any kind of artificial ingredients in our product as we would want to give you the best breakfast option. There are no hidden ingredients, no artificial powders, no complicated chemicals!
Hard to believe? You can now believe this by trying a bottle of nutrink. Subscribe and be our Beta Tester! Happy lip-smacking experience!

What Makes Us Different!


Nitty grittiness of the drink

Fine details of the drink is what we mean by this heading. It just sounds fancy to put “Nitty gritty” 😉 . A liter of water contains 3.346*1025 molecules, 300 ml will contain 10.038*1024 molecules. That’s close to 300 ml of Nutrink bottle. Just imagine instead of those many water molecules, you have 10.038*1024 molecules of goodness in a Nutrink bottle. We have whey protein, casein, soy protein helping you to repair, re grow muscles, hair and help your cells work better. There is also fruit sugars which you can enjoy without any guilt, some fibers to make your gut feel better. Also, fruit pulp adds a great taste. Let us not forget about the carefully selected and added vitamins, minerals! And the antioxidants which sure will make you feel refreshed inside out.


Do you want to increase happiness/ Life satisfaction?

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables! Yes, research has shown it is true. But don’t hope for a miracle while eating a fruit platter for once in a week. Constant consumption of fruits and vegetables over a long period of time (months and years) has shown to increase happiness and life satisfaction.
Leaving apart the known refreshing part of eating a fruit, it provides you much more than energy, such as fibers, vitamins and minerals. So, why not add this in Nutrink? We have carefully chosen the best of best fruits and bottled it up, just exclusively to increase your happiness, inside out 😉


Whatssup? Hungry? Bored? Tired? Energized? Not having a great appetite? On a quest? We have an answer for every mood you are in!

We offer you ready to drink meal replacement for your hunger pangs, bored desk times, tired evenings, energized post workout sessions. No need to find mineral water, no need to find a shaker, no need to spend couple of minutes shaking your powders with water which will anyway result in a lumpy drink! We know you have worked hard lately, so take a chill pill and replace any meal( breakfast, snacks, lunch or dinner) with a sip of Nutrink.