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Top 10 Healthy Books to read

So, you’re reading this blog because you obviously want to be fit or more fit. Food habits if not healthy may lead to several health issues such as heart troubles, diabetes, etc. Okay now don’t be scared I have got the top 10 health books which are written according to an Indian diet. Just follow the tips by a few great books related to healthy eating. So, people gear up to unfollow your unhealthy diet and follow a brand-new diet loaded with goodness. Just pick up any of these for a good guidance.

The Top 10 Books:


1). Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight by Rujuta Diwekar

Rutuja Diwekar a Dietician from Mumbai breaks down your diet plan in easy tips and relatable language. The book lays emphasis on eating in a 2-hour interval gap. She will explain how a crash diet may crash your health and how important eating well is! Go for this as it’s a great book to read.

don't lose your mind lose your weight

Lose your weight by Rutuja Divekar

2). The Baby Elephant diet by Ravi Mantha

This book has its focus on the addition of fibre to diet to help lose weight. Ravi Mahanta includes the use of fruits and veggies easily available in India. It will help you to get rid of the myths and misconceptions while guiding you to eating healthy. This is also a very good read with all the fibre and its goodness.

the baby elephant diet

The Baby Elephant diet by Ravi Mantha

3). INDIAN LOW CARB RECIPES: Delicious and Healthy by Dr. Paramesh Shamanna

Want to make your favorite dish a low carb dish? Great you spotted the right one! This self-help book is the perfect one for you. Each recipe comes with the calorie count and nutritional composition. If you wish to keep your blood sugar on track and have a low carb diet this is a good read.

Indian low carb recipe

Indian low carb recipes by Dr. Paramesh Shamanna

4). Don’t Diet by Kavita Devgan

As in title, this book is strictly about saying no to dieting. Eating healthy without compromising on your diet and also includes recipes and 50 simple tips for readers to follow. There is also a new idea coming up of healthy eating without dieting is implemented by a company named Nutrink in the market. They came up with the idea of healthy breakfast and healthy munching.

don't diet

Don’t Diet by Kavita Devgan

5). A Taste of Well being by Sadhguru

If you believe yoga is your thing, then this self-help book is a good read for you. It focuses on the point that quality of food influences quality of your body and mind. Also, the book consists of a variety of recipes which gives you healthy eating with a great taste.

a taste of wellbeing

A Taste of Well-Being by Sadguru

6). The Great Indian Diet by Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Written by the super fit actress, this book helps make a diet plan including only locally grown and sourced ingredients to lose weight as well as shed some fats. A book which consists of best recipes full of nutrition and taste.

the great indian diet

The Great Indian Diet by Shilpa Shetty Kundra

7). The Eat Right Prescription by Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala

A surgeon by profession Dr. Lakdawala understands the trouble of maintaining work-life balance. Also, taking care of one’s health becomes a challenge as taking home cook meals for work is a task. In this regard, Prescription is a recipe for health. The keynote here is to- Respect your body and it will reward you with wellness.

eat right prescription

The Eat Right Prescription by Dr. Muffazal Lakdawala

8). Losing It- Dhruv Gupta

Wish to lose your extra kilos by gaining nutrition and fitness. Then this book is a good read for you. Losing It will help you get answers to a lot many questions that you may have like if a gym is necessary or brown bread is healthy? Go for this good read if such questions do pop up in your mind.

losing it

Losing It by Dhruv Gupta

9). The diet Doctor by Ishi Khosla

Ishi Khosla goes back to the basics through this book. This book is a good read for all Indians as it helps to know why it is difficult for us to shed those kilos. And it is certainly important to get the basics right.

the diet doctor

The diet doctor by Ishi Khosla

10). The healthy Indian Diet by Raj. L. Patel

Going by the name of the book it helps to know how important traditional diet for you is. In addition, you also get 31 tempting recipes. This self-help book also will help you to know foods that will help keep your cholesterol levels in control and your insulin in place.

the healthy indian diet

The Healthy Indian Diet by Raj.L.Patel

With the collection from my experience, I hope you might have found the perfect book for you. Also, you must have made a promise to read the book and implement it in your life. As, if you read any of the books your battle should be half done.

Have a good read and a good day!

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