Importance of Breakfast - Why First Meal of the Day is Essential
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Breaking the fast

Have you tried a day with breakfast and a day without one?

In this fast pace of life, am sure each one of us has been skipping breakfast a lot of times. Also, you might have observed the difference in your energy level. This pace of life is not only for working people. Even students face a struggle to attend lectures early morning(I understand it’s tiring anyway :P).

Do you remember the time when your mother/grandmother used to run after you with a plate full of something asking you to eat your breakfast? It was not only out of love but also because they understood how essential is the first meal you take. Am sure we all the importance of breakfast but we choose to avoid it somehow.

So, when you skip your first meal, you might start feeling hungry way before actual lunch time. And what do you eat then? Anything handy and easy which you may just gulp it quickly or just starve yourself through it.Don’t torture your poor body as it was already on a fast for a good 8-10 hours(while you were asleep).

People keep breakfast as the last thing to do before leaving the house(it’s good if you’re an exception) whereas, it should be a high priority thing to do. Also, it’s high time to realize and notice the importance of breakfast and the importance of having a healthy breakfast.

It has been observed that people who don’t eat breakfast tend to munch more throughout the day hence, the calorie intake is more than required. So, skipping breakfast surely isn’t going to help you in your fitness goal(sad news for all folks!).
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How Much & What Should We Eat?

How much do you eat depends on your own appetite but what you eat makes a huge difference altogether. You can’t have two Pizza’s over breakfast(Joey would do that :P) so it’s also necessary to eat the right kind of food in the morning. You must have read everywhere that breakfast is refueling yourself(It is actually true). Even eating a bowl full of something with milk is a good option but that alone does not give you a complete portion of nutrients required.

You can start your day with a glass full of water as it removes all the toxins from your body. Followed by breakfast with a good amount of protein, carbs, fruits, fiber, and calcium. Even having eggs and milk is a good option but oops what if you are vegetarian? I know now you would be scratching your head, thinking a pizza would be a better option(:P) and how can u get all that in the morning with little time in your hand. Well, I understand time constraint is a problem. But I hope you have understood how important the first meal of the day is for all of us.

Nutritionist Adelle Davis famously puts it back in the 1960s: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.”

Here are a few Tips &  Tricks that you can follow:

  • We must start with the most essential tip for eating right: Have WATER, PLENTY OF WATER. Carry a water bottle everywhere possible you go. This comes with a perk of also making you look like a very organized/health oriented person, just give it a try!
  • Adding on to the water point, try having warm water before breakfast. Just try it a couple of days and you will totally feel the change!
  • Try to eat at least 2 fruits per day for breakfast, this will help you cut down on bad snacking habits. You can take a fruit to work and let it stare at you until you pick it up and eat! Have a bet with a friend or co-worker on eating at least 2 fruits per day for at least 3 working days a week (Because we all know that weekends go by fermented fruits, if you know what I mean 😉). By the way, a small reminder, please don’t go for packaged juices unless you check their labels! Check if you can get a good amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fibers as well. It’s not just about the front cover, the backside label is more important.
  • Vegetables are of equally of top priority. Try to eat at least 1 cup of vegetable for 1 cup of rice or 1 chapati. Try to play around different vegetables, don’t just stick to your childhood favorites. Try different ways of cooking! Don’t be boring! When you are ordering salads or soups at restaurants, I would ask you to be a little careful. Your soups or salad dressings might contain some extra starches which you would prefer to avoid.
  • Something that I would like to add more to my diet would be pulses. This is like a distant cousin of grains. They provide you good amount of proteins, minerals, and some fibers. Lentils, soybeans, chickpea, moong beans etc come under this category and you can make our own breakfast recipes using these.

Maybe you might have seen all these healthy eating tips in other places or heard from someone else. So why am I even repeating it? To give you a perspective here.

It is not enough if you just wish to be healthy, it involves some hard work (at least some work), such as making conscious choices, cooking those veggies, making time for planning your diet, controlling yourself on parties…so on…

It is okay to start and fail, but it is important to start again. Make Breakfast an unforgettable habit.

After few years you don’t want to be giving all your hard-earned money for medicines! Rather spend it wisely now on buying real healthy stuff. So, start your healthy eating from now.

It is all about BALANCE. Balance of taste and health. Balance of good and bad. Balance of energy. Balance of time. Balance of our minds, to make the right choices.

Eat Healthy food to stay fit and Have a Good Day!

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