Fast Food VS Junk Food | Interesting Facts AND Side Effects
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Are you Junking Your Fast-food?

Fast Food VS Junk Food

The pizzas, burgers, quick sandwiches are all super tempting, right? And you feel delighted by just taking the first bite of it. Same is the feeling when we eat wafers or even the soda drink which we love. It just pleases our taste buds more and more. But have you ever given a thought if fast food is same as junk food? Maybe yes. But, we all grew up being told that fast food is the same as junk food but is it really the same? The answer is No. It is necessary to break that bubble, so we all can spot that thin line which is never visible.

Let’s get started from where it all started

The logic behind fast food was a simple one(just going by their name), having warm food on the go with least preparation i.e., fast, convenient and inexpensive. The idea came up in the 1920’s with the growing urbanization and it gained popularity during 1950’s and World War 2. There were just 1 or 2 items kept which mainly included hamburgers and so ‘drive-thru’ windows gained popularity where people can just sit in their car and receive their ordered food in packaged form.

This actually helped industries like McDonald’s, KFC, Domino’s to be the Giants of the Fast Food Industry(obviously many more came into the picture). The Indian version of fast food is all the street food which we get quickly. Idli, vada pav, chaat to name a few.

On the other hand, junk food is something of least nutritional value and has more of fats, sugars, and salts. All the wafers, Cold drinks, etc. all come under junk food. The term Junk Food itself says what it actually means but yes we still tend to avoid it as it may taste better than healthy food.

Let me tell you some interesting facts

  1. Soda was invented in 1783 and by 1792 was used as a medicinal beverage
  2. The first junk food invented was Craker Jack. It was caramel-coated popcorn and peanuts(and you thought caramel popcorn is a recent trend)
  3. In 1847, cocoa powder was mixed with sugar and cocoa butter to make a thin paste. That’s right, introduction of chocolate as candy in our lives
  4. In 1877, a new product was developed and was packed in cardboard boxes, called Quaker Oats
  5. Cup holders became a part of the car designs in the 1900s as drive-thru windows became popular
  6. Some of the breakfast cereals which come under the category of healthy food may also be considered as junk food because it contains high sugar or fructose. Source[Smith

It’s all not really bad till now but soon the blurry line vanished and all fast food came with more variety(due to popular demand) and turned it into junk food. We all have a clear idea how these super tempting fast/junk food affects our health but we choose to ignore(not a good idea actually).

Side Effects of Fast Food & Junk food

Let me tell you more about the side effects it may cause

  1. Eating fast/junk food on a regular basis tends to mark a rise in the level of insulin which may just make you both fat(obesity) and on a severe risk of type 2 diabetes.
  2. With fast food, you always tend to overeat. The reason is that it’s high in calorie, high-fat contents and no nutritional value as such.
  3. High salt content in fast food may make you feel puffy as it leads to water retention.
  4. High amount of cholesterol may affect your heart as it gives a rise to your blood pressure
  5. Obesity badly affects the body as a whole. It may affect your bones as it makes them weak. It may even lead to respiratory problems as the excess weight puts some extra pressure on the heart.

Phew! now that you know all the fuss about fast food and junk food. Am sure you will stop junking your food and make a healthy choice 🙂

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