Are you making a healthy food choice ? Make a healthier food choice
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Making a Right Choice

Made A Right Choice Yet?

Have you ever given a thought if the choice that you’re making is right or not? Well, I am not talking about the major life decisions but a simple choice of healthy food. That is also a major decision actually and it is not a Simple Choice at all unless you’re careful. It is rightly said if you don’t care about your body now, it won’t take care of you later (i.e., your immunity gets weakened if you don’t eat well). I hope you’ve read the previous blog about fast food and junk food and have a clear demarcation of it. So, you might have understood that it’s all about making a right choice, a healthy food choice.

People mostly eat unhealthy to manage their in-between meal hunger pangs and forget about the healthy food choice. So let’s discuss some actually healthy food options that we might consider while choosing what to eat. I suppose you might have read about how water is an essential nutrient. So, keep a check on how much water are you drinking in a day. It would help you both in, digestion and put a stop to unnecessary munching.

The most important point to note while choosing healthy food is if you are choosing a correct balance of everything? Well no no, I am not asking you to do any calculations before eating anything. You should just know some basics about the food you eat. For instance, it is a known fact that we should avoid eating too much of fried stuff. I would advise you to look for substitutes of your favorite snacking which automatically leads to healthy food choice.

Here are a few healthier food options over less healthy ones that you may consider.

  • You might be a huge fan of fox nut(makhana) so instead of having fried makhana try the baked ones. You might like it more than the fried ones.
  • Instead of stuffing yourself with fried potato chips, replace the potatoes with sweet potato.
  • Replace your shakes that have high sugar with green smoothies which will make you feel fresh.
  • Stop the consumption of aerated drinks such as your favorite colas and sodas. It has a high amount of fructose. Instead have green tea, iced tea or plain simple lemonade.
  • Red meat is not considered to be very healthy food option as it consists of more saturated fats and more of cholesterol. So, if you love eating non-veg go for lean chicken or salmon which has less cholesterol and fats.
  • Instead of eating a burger, try having a handful of nuts and fruits.

Most of the blogs will tell you about the side effects of eating unhealthy.

So, here let’s discuss some benefits of eating healthy food

  • Eating healthy snacks in between meals keeps your brain active and helps you to concentrate more. Yes guys, this is my personal experience. I keep having a few nuts with my coffee or an apple during office hours which actually helps me concentrate more on work.
  • It has been studied that if you eat at regular intervals, it will help you resist overeating your food later. I have actually felt this change and I have stopped thinking how will I just hog on my food when I reach home. 😛
  • Healthy food choice will help you gain the nutrients which you might have missed while having your lunch or dinner.
  • It is also said if you eat healthier snacks you would be energetic for a longer time as compared with the energy that you get by eating sugary stuff. As the sugary foods give a temporary spike in your blood sugar.
  • Include fruits in your snacks as well as in your breakfast. It will help you give the necessary sugars and nutrients. Also, the necessary fibers which might be missing on your lunch plate. Most berries are the healthiest.Nutrink - Healthy food choice

You should know the road which SHOULD NOT be taken.

Start making small changes at first. Nobody can just change overnight. So. just eat right and help yourself stay fit. 🙂


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