Sweet tooth Anyone?| Effects of sugar| side-effects of sugar
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Sweet tooth anyone?

Sweet tooth anyone?

What changes our mood better than a piece of chocolate or piece of cake? Well, there is actually a list of food items that come under comfort food category. But specifically eating something SWEET has a different experience. I am sure people having sweet tooth will agree to this? Right guys?
Ever wondered how and why is it like that? Let me tell you something good about sweetness 😛
Let’s take an example, just a few bites of chocolate makes you feel wonderful, isn’t it? There’s some emotional connection with that but it’s not only your love for chocolate or any sweet. There’s something more to it. Something sugar does to our health. If you have a sweet tooth you should understand what happens.

Excess of sugary stuff leads to the release of dopamine-the neurotransmitter that makes us like something and want more of it, so we tend to eat a lot of sweet. The instant rise of glucose makes you feel super energetic for a short time leading to sugar crash later.

Milk Chocolate is all sweet with a lot of sugar & fat contents with high calories so it’s really not a good idea to stuff your mouth with a lot of chocolates just to feel better. The actual ingredient is ‘Cocoa’, which has many chemicals such as flavonoids and anandamide that works as an antidepressant. If you just eat Cocoa (which has some health benefits) it would be quite a bitter experience.
Another reason, for you to feel better after eating something sweet is, you might have low blood sugar maybe because you didn’t eat properly the whole day and it may get worse with hypoglycemia.

And later the treat comes with not so sweet side effects(watch out if you have a sweet tooth).

Let’s see what sugar does to our health i.e., side-effects of sugar:

● The first thing as we know is that it may spoil your teeth(Cavity alert !) and we never believed our Moms then(Regret anyone?)
● When we eat a lot of sugar, the liver starts to release more insulin. Which results in the body becoming resistant to insulin’s action. This may lead to type 2 diabetes as our body fails to control blood sugar levels
● Excess sugar in the body is stored as fats
● Intake of more or excess sugar puts your heart to high risks of heart diseases
● Weight gain is another problem. It has been observed that people who eat/drink more sugar tend to weigh more and are at a high risk of type 2 diabetes.
● If you by any chance have any joint pain, it may worsen with the consumption of sugary stuff.( Layoff time!)

So now that I have scared you enough, you might be wondering if not sugar then what. Obviously, some amount of it is necessary as our brain needs glucose to work properly also because you have a sweet tooth and you can’t live without something sweet.

We all need to understand that there is a difference between natural and added artificial sweeteners.
Natural sugars are less harmful and what are natural sugars? These are sugars occurring naturally in fruits, honey & vegetables that would not harm you as much as refined/artificial sweeteners. So that’s why Winnie-the Pooh always ate honey 😛 but we know he was not in a good shape(fit). Remember, too much of anything is not good!
Whereas, the processed or artificial sweeteners are of no health value(literally) but it just makes anything sweet. Be careful about the choices you make.

Food industry sometimes tricks people, they know that sugar is too bad, so they change the name to HFCS(high fructose corn syrup) which is actually sugar syrup & sucrose, etc.(Feel cheated? I feel you!)
Do you know most of the low-fat foods you eat misleads you as it contains a high amount of sugar which should be actually avoided(Another trick which is played on us). Read further here:
Tip: Do check the label for such names before buying.

The big question is how much added-sugar can one intake in the whole day?

The answer to this is very complex as it generally varies from person to person but it’s best to avoid added sugar as it is anyway not doing anything good for you. The World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommendation says that no more than 10% of an adult’s calories – and ideally less than 5% – should come from added sugar. For a 2,000-calorie diet, 5% would be 25 grams of sugar in a day. [source: sugarscience.edu]

Read further the article to know more about sugar[nerdfitness]

Also, note that the junk we love also contains high amount of sugar in some or the other form.
Keep a check on what you eat and how much you eat, eat healthy stay healthy as we care for you 🙂

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